What is my Forum Username / Forum Handle / Nic Name?
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Your forum name is important as you can't post in the forums or download files from there until you have set a forum name. Note that you can have up to 3 identifiers when using our website they are:


  1. Forum name (nickname / handle) - This is set by you in your account here (once only so choose wisely). DO NOT use your Website login name or your Image-Line registration name as this can weaken your account security (it's publically visible of course). If you have used the wrong forum name, submit a support ticket here (including at least 3 preferred forum names) and we will fix it ASAP. 
  2. Website/forum login name - Usually your ordering email address used to login to both your Account profile page and the Image Line Forums.
  3. Image-Line registration name - (e.g. JohnDoe247938), this is the name used to purchase our products with some numbers added by us. This is used for software registration key generation and back-office identification.


To login to the forums, use your ordering e-mail address as login and your chosen password. If you don't remember your password, use the password recovery link "Forgot your password? to reset it. This will email you at the same email address you originally used to purchase your Image-Line product.

Also check this Knowledge Base article: "Registration Details: Which login to use where?"

The Image-Line Support Team.


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